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Head of Audio-Visuals and a prodigious DJ talent

Rajan stands at the forefront of Euphoria Sounds' visual and auditory experiences, blending his keen eye for detail with a masterful understanding of event aesthetics. Known as the wizard behind our stunning visual setups, he brings each event to life with meticulously programmed and positioned lighting, transforming ordinary spaces into realms of visual wonder.

Rajan's ability to maximise the impact of each light, each color, and each shade ensures that every celebration we undertake is not just an event, but a visually spectacular experience. His work is an art form, where technology meets creativity to produce a breathtaking spectacle.

But Rajan's talents don't stop there. As a young and phenomenally talented DJ, he infuses a fresh and dynamic energy into his sets. His understanding of how visuals complement music allows him to create a holistic sensory experience that is both immersive and exhilarating.

Whether he's behind the DJ booth or orchestrating the visual symphony of an event, Rajan embodies the innovative spirit and technical prowess that Euphoria Sounds is renowned for. His dual role as an AV expert and DJ makes him a unique asset to our team, ensuring that every event we craft is not only heard but also seen and felt in all its glory.

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