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Hello, I'm Rajan, the freshest beat on the Euphoria Sounds DJ roster. With over 5 years behind the decks, I bring a dynamic energy and a mature flair to every stage I grace. My journey in music began in childhood, where my fascination with beats and rhythms quickly evolved from lending a hand at events to commanding the decks at grand weddings, student club nights, and touring with the renowned Punjabi artist PBN (Punjabi by Nature).

My passion for DJing is fueled by a love for creating unforgettable moments through music. I pride myself on being a versatile DJ with an advanced knowledge of a wide array of genres. Whether it's the beats of Bhangra, the rhythms of Afrobeats, the soulful vibes of R&B, or House and Hip-Hop, I've got it covered

Having the honor to perform internationally, I've taken my vibes to global stages in Canada, Denmark, Ibiza, and beyond. Each destination has been a unique opportunity to showcase my skills and absorb new influences.

As the youngest member of the Euphoria Sounds team, I bring a fresh perspective and an insatiable hunger to excel. 

My aim? To ensure that every beat I drop resonates with the crowd, making each event not just a party, but a memorable journey through music

Head of Audio-Visuals and a prodigious DJ talent
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