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Hi, im Harry, I have been a DJ for over 14 years now. It's a simple case of passion and the energy of unique performance that makes me DJ/Host in order to make that special day memorable.

From a young age, I have always been interested in music within the family. My passion for the job started off at small events now expanding worldwide across the UK and abroad.

I have extensive knowledge and ability in offering a selection of genres to cater all such as Bhangra, Bollywood, R&B, Hip-Hop, Urban, House, Garage & Oldskool.

I have had the privilege to perform and do what I do best in various destinations such as Mexico, Sweden & more. Some of which have been the most memorable and career altering experiences.

What has made me love my job is the energy I can bring to the dance floor as well as interacting with clients. Building a network within the industry is something I have always loved and will continue to do. My job is to ensure I create an event for my clients and guests that is truly unforgettable

Customer relations Manager / DJ
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